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Smart Restroom Traffic Management System that pairs efficiency with customer satisfaction.
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The new standard of managing restroom traffic.

Any facility that experiences high-traffic periods can significantly increase restroom use efficiency while maximizing social distancing with the Tooshlights system. In places where customers are pressed for time—like airports, theaters, stadiums, arenas, retail, restaurants, and office buildings—Tooshlights can help optimize stall usage to shorten lines and help visitors know where to go®.

Indicator Lights

When the stall is available, the light is green. When the stall is occupied and the smart latch or deadbolt is activated, the light turns red. Blue can be designated for available ADA stalls. It comes with a variety of mounting options.

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Smart Latch or Smart Deadbolt

Tamper-resistant and easy to install, each battery-powered latch and deadbolt wirelessly pairs with an indicator light.

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Data Hub

The Tooshlights® Hub can power and manage up to 30 indicator lights while communicating vital usage and maintenance data via Power over Ethernet (PoE).

The hub can be replaced with a non-data recording power puck option.

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A smart solution for an efficient restroom.

Enhance your restroom with a complete system that provides valuable performance and usage insights. Tooshlights shares advanced data with your facility.

Tooshlights delivers a streamlined, enhanced user experience by

  • Quickly identifying restroom availability
  • Allowing for social distancing
  • Optimizing health and wellness with fewer touch points
  • Managing traffic to reduce wait times
  • Increasing privacy by eliminating under-door peeking
  • Providing clean, fully stocked stalls (based on usage data)
  • Limiting time spent in an enclosed room or space—only enter if stalls are available

Smart integration for a connected restroom.

Upgrade your Tooshlights® system to gain insight into your restroom usage. With the data hub and Modus Systems Software subscription, you can view stall, restroom, and facility usage information and analytics.

Check availablility

See how many stalls are available or occupied.

Record usage time

Track how long each stall is occupied.

Generate reports

Review daily, weekly, and monthly usage per stall and per restroom.

Receive alerts

Notification when a stall has been occupied for a specific length of time.

Universal design and applications.

Tooshlights® offers a range of stylish and durable design options that meet the unique needs of your facility. Each Tooshlights kit includes a light, mount, and smart latch or smart deadbolt.


Latch, Clear Indicator Light, Ceiling Mount


Latch, Frosted Indicator Light, Ceiling Mount


Latch, Small Frosted Indicator Light, Ceiling Mount


Latch, Clear Indicator Light, Wall Mount


Latch, Frosted Indicator Light, Wall Mount


ADA Latch, Clear Indicator Light, Ceiling Mount


ADA Latch, Frosted Indicator Light, Ceiling Mount


ADA Latch, Small Frosted Indicator Light, Ceiling Mount


Smart Deadbolt, Small Frosted Light, Exterior Wall Mount


Smart Deadbolt, Standard Frosted Light, Exterior Wall Mount


Smart Deadbolt, Standard Clear Light, Exterior Wall Mount


Smart Deadbolt, Small Frosted Light, Wall Mount


Smart Deadbolt, Standard Frosted Light, Wall Mount


Smart Deadbolt, Standard Clear Light, Wall Mount

Accessories and spare parts

Tooshlights offers accessories and spare parts for lights, latches, deadbolts, and mounts.

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